Current policies to ensure our safety and yours

Our staff and customers safety is our top priority. 

The following policy’s will be effective until further notice:

Staff are required to wear a face mask when physically distancing is not possible.  Masks are optional in areas where more than 6 feet of distance is attainable. 

Gloves are to be used and disposed off before leaving location of use. 

Minimal equipment will be taken into homes. Equipment taken in to be sanitized with a bleach solution after removing from home. 
Vacuum will only be brought in to homes unable to provide their own. 

We will not attend homes with any sign of sickness, known exposure or travel. Please ensure your are being honest with us. No cancellation fees apply during this time.

During service please use this time to make your weekly outing or isolate in one area so there is no contact with our staff. This applies even if you have not left the house in weeks and is for your protection as well as our staffs. We are unable to service staffed offices at this time. 

Please be advised that our staff has been advised to leave immediately if there physical space is not respected. There is no leeway on this policy.

One call does it all!